Thing 13: K12 Online Conference

On a quiet Friday afternoon, I had a wonderful time traveling to Naomi Harm’s online conference Everything Apps for the K12 Educator.  One of the major benefits about attending this conference was that it took place on my timeframe.  I got to chose the time that was most appropiate for me to sit down and delve into professional learning. I really enjoyed my online conference.  Everything Apps for the K12 Educator by Naomi Harm’s was inviting and friendly.  The lecture was clearly and visually divided into categories which made it easy to follow.  I did feel like I was in the room with Naomi Harm.  It was a great perk to “pause her voice” so I could jot down notes without missing a beat.

I am eager to explore Blurb Mobile, Toon Tastic and Sock Puppets.  These apps appear to be engaging and educational while students create stories across the curriculum.  Project Noah, a FREE Science app, looks awesome!  In Project Noah students are able to relate to nature in their area in relation to other parts of the world.  I also want to explore the reading app, Milly and Molly Stories (which are also FREE).

It is fascinating to know that you can be anywhere in the world and “go” to a conference anywhere in the world!  Definitely sign me up again for an online conference again!

Additional resource from Naomi Harm: Shared Resouces

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